A fresh (re)start

Is anyone still out here..?

I started this blog/website/video channel on multiple occasions before. First as a personal blog, again as an creative writing outlet, later as the website for my YouTube channel; Slice of Knowledge. I liked it, but the consistency and the fact that it was out in the open was hard. But I still have the ideas in my head and still want to persue it, so as I am older and wiser… ehum..

I really want to try again. This year I want to make a change, I really want to start publishing. Without the hurdles I throw to myself, but just start. No more tweaking till it’s perfect, not thinking I have to have every outlet ready before I can start.

It doesn’t have to be perfect right away. Just start.

New Goals

So to get me going let’s set a few goals I want to reach this year and hopefully sooner.

  • Start Publishing YouTube Videos
  • Have 12 videos
  • Get 100 subscribers
  • Get Good


Number 1 sounds easy. Just do it. Hopefully I manage to do it in January, but since January is halfway gone let’s just start and see!

Number 2 is consistency, hopefully one video a month, but more would obviously be better. Especially for the next goals.

Number 3 is harder of course, because my content should actually be liked. I need to learn how to make videos in a good way to get people interested for more.

Number 4 is even harder, because it’s not measurable like the others. Let’s just say that I hope each video will get more views, likes and subscribers than the one before. Is that a good metric?

What kind of videos will I make?

I was also held back by wanting to make the right video, and do it perfect right away. But let’s throw those feelings out the window and start with something sort a new. I read a book that gave me the perfect idea. It’s called Factfulness by Hans Rossling, Ola Rosling and Anna Rosling Rönnlund. This book taught me that my prejudices are outdated and the humanity has improved in so many ways.

We don’t live like we did 100 years ago, but the news and media make it feel like disaster hits us everyday. Therefore I want to see what changed by comparing countries. But comparing countries to each other is not fair, because all countries differ so much, so let’s compare them to their own history to see how they are doing. And in the process learn about those countries and get rid of the prejudices I have!

The firs video is coming so stay tuned and I’ll keep you updated!

Have a good one,


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